Monday, March 8, 2010

Gelli Baff

Just baffin'

Grace's Tip of the day:
Don’t use Gelli Baff unless you have the dissolver

12 buckets and about 7 litres of water later
We had an empty sink

Love and peas

Long weekend

After suffering from a week of illness Issy decided to spend her long weekend "indoors" while her pal grace suffered through the horrible attack on Melbourne, otherwise known as the horrific hail storm of 2010. But other than that this weekend was jammed packed of awesome Grace visited the Jam Factory with her Mate Eroff and watched Alice in Wonderland while Issy was in bed making caramel slice and talking to her soul mate B dogga or as we prefer 'he who must not be named'
Now it’s back to satins own, to learn all that stuff that only smart people and Latino hotel cleaners know.

Love and Peas

Grace and Issy.

everyones doing it.
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