About Us.

Ysabel Cronin-Guss
She decided blogging wasnt her thing so she left.
A young go getter Issy was born on the day of 28th of March 1994
She attends a broken down school where she is studying the hard topic of Business/Economics. She was born in the small town of Melbourne and has lived there for the 16 years of her life. She is a little bit thick and enjoys a good house party and a drunken night out, and one day we hope to see this crazy kid sober. and if you are on of the ultra rare lucky person who have the chance to meet the creature of the night ask her about her recent love (she would love it.)
If you fell in love with this girl and would like to contact or even spam her, her email address is; issy1994@hotmail.com

Grace Macciolli
9th of February 1994 was the day that the world stopped spinning the right way, grace Alison Macciolli was born and from the start she let everybody know that she would not live life unheard. Her hair has been every colour under the sun but the one thing that has remained is her big bright eyes that are caught by anything a little bit different. One day we hope to see grace at the Olympics for snowboarding but until then you’ll find her slugging it hard at school and losing her shit on the weekends. In true grace words "stay chill motherfuckers"
get conected and hit her up at: graciemach@hotmail.com