Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Designer Drugs.

Today while surfing through my jam packed Facebook news feed I come across one of my friends has become a fan of ‘Designer Drugs’ me being the curious type thought this was a kind of drug you could get but I was sadly mistaken when I came across these 2 men I thought this was very odd as a drug so I looked further into it and realised it was actually a band of 2 men Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson. At first I thought this band was an alternative ‘indie’ sort of band until I did my usually Youtube stalk and figured that this 2 were actually DJ’s, this was pretty cool seeing as they had some really good music its nothing to techno and nothing to gay just in the middle it’ a mix of Club/Rock/Electro/House. I would recommend giving them a look on Youtube highly recommend the songs ‘Zombies,' 'Drop Down’ and 'Blow Up'


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