Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I Like, Dislike and nothing in between

I like a lot really, but what I dislike is... Alarm clocks. Like I said before I like a lot of things really, like drinking from the carton, and I like the smell of burnt toast. I dislike raw meat as much as I dislike eating it. I very much enjoy Christmas sweaters, but i don’t actually like wearing them. There’s a 2.7 genetic difference between gorillas and humans; they kill each other over land, status, and women ... I don't like that. I like the way a new pack of cigarettes smells like raisins, but I hate actual raisins. I like writing my name in the snow, it lets people I’ve been there, I like that. But I dislike when people write 'I was here' on public property. It’s too permanent. I don’t like funerals, I don’t know anybody who does, they are depressing and I feel obligated to cry. And death however I like to think all life’s answers revealed. I like the looks of my scars, they tell stories. But I don’t like where they are on my body y. I wonder what else I will regret in 10 years. I don’t remember much of my childhood, I don’t like that. But I did like blowing milk bubbles, and colouring outside of the lines in colouring books. I remember stealing classmate’s things, I like that. Mean. I know, but children can be cruel. I like the word 'limbo' so many connotations. First is the unbaptised but innocent or righteous souls, as those of infants or virtuous individuals who lived before the coming of Christ. Second is a fun dancing game when you are on holiday when you’re drunk and the third is an intermediate place or state. I like saying movie lines to myself in the mirror when nobody is watching, and movies were main characters...Die in car crashes. I hate feet and crocs. I hate when people clearly see you and they still don’t hold the door open for you and I hate ripping off bandaids. I like the idea of a box of love notes but I don’t actually like reading them nostalgia is over-rated. I think I especially don’t like is how my voice sounds on film/tape. I do like watching weird movies. I like reading books and watching Harry Potter. I don’t like when I quote movie lines and people don’t understand it. The last thing I like is when in old movie theatres when the film is done the curtains close when it’s all over.

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