Monday, April 12, 2010


I have never really owned one of those fancy cameras but realised how much I enjoy photos and things that capture a moment.

I do seem to have 2 very well working cameras that i love to take around with me just for the novelty of having a working film camera.

I have always wanted to be a Photographer almost as much as a makeup artist so the first 'photo shoot' ever was with my good-looking friend Brigette. I dressed her up and did her makeup and made her do all these crazy poses... at this point in my life I didn’t really own a real camera so all my photos were taken on an iphone with the lighting from a torch. Some turned out pretty cool.

This is Atlanta and Elycia. say hi.
These are my 2 favorite photos only becacause I like these 2 people...

When I was a little bit older I got my first 'real' camera it belonged to my father so when I walked into the room beyond the garage I pulled out a box containing a vintage camera that had been used in the Vietnam war (according to my dad) I thought this was crazy so as soon as I got it I was taking photos of everything I thought I was pretty professional with it, so when I met up with my mates (Issy and Emma)and had another 'photo shoot' (without the makeup) which I think they quite enjoyed seeing as they love a good snap shot.

I also have so really cool friends who take amazing photos... I’ll include a couple. The following photos were taken by Eddie Goldsmith/Junior, fuck I love these photos.

And just this year I finally bought the coolest camera ever my very own
Diana F+

But I really would like to own a professional digital camera. Would be nice :)

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