Sunday, April 11, 2010

Harry James Potter.

Here I will include some of the most voluptuous, risqué, titillating photos of the cast of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter books in my opinion are the most prodigious book ever to hit the shelves.
Ever since my beautiful friend Ali Dvorscek's birthday on March the 3rd I have indeed become quite infatuated with the idea of Harry potter. The books and movies have almost become an unbreakable habit in my day to day life. Each book/movie has their goods and there bad (mostly goods,) reading these books has really put a spin into the way I think and do things, such as; when doors are locked instead of using a key I just wave my hand a say Alohomora, most of the time this does not work unless I quickly follow with opening the door with my keys. Or when I am in a dark room I raise my hand and say Lumos slide my hands upon the walls looking for the switch. Doing all this stuff really makes life a lot more magical!
Seeing as I only have a few friends who actually enjoy Harry Potter whenever I meet someone who has a heart for ‘The Chosen One’ I seem to get all excited and start a long conversation on how much I love it and how every chapter has a surprise.
I truly could go on about Mr Harry James Potter for hours and hours but no doubt that would be boring and nobody really likes blogs if they are boring... not really counting on anybody to read this, but there is always the off chance that some over obsessed teenager will find this and send it to all their friends...

Peace love and all that shit

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